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Engine Rebuilds

"The bike feels insanely fast, starts in 2 kicks no matter what temperature outside. Sounds extremely tight and'll get the job the next time around as well" - Uno Rogstad, Voss, Norway

We take on many rebuilds whether it be to compliment starter upgrades, with an engine tune or simply due to the hours used. We fit upgraded mains as well as tensioner blades, camchains, and decomps.

We use mainly OEM parts but also in order to save on the most expensive parts can fit after market quality goods.

Keeping prices down!

We fit Japanese quality rod kits at less than HALF THE PRICE of OEM items. We also fit OEM bearing and pin kits which again save 50-60% of 'rod kit' costs! WORK WE CARRY OUT

We cut our own valves and seats as well as machining crankcases as any MIG welding. We have a bearing press and machine our own valves. Honing, valve timing porting and suspension work are all done in house. Within one mile, is the general engineering machine shop, the engine reconditioners and also the alloy welders! Its all here!

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